• • THE CELL’s Repair Service is operated independently from that offered by your network provider.
    • THE CELL will not attempt to diagnose/repair DIGICEL phones that are under a manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Any physical alteration (housing change, antenna change etc.), automatically voids manufacturer’s warranty or handset. A non-refundable inspection fee must be paid before any work is done to a handset. This applies to ALL devices.
    • THE CELL does not guarantee that personal data & software (ring tones, pictures, contacts etc.) will be retained during the repair/unlocking process. Customers are advised to back up their personal data before booking their phone for unlocking or repair.
    • Handsets that are not collected by a specific date will incur a late fee of $5.00 a day to the day it is collected.
    • All repaired handsets carry a 20-day warranty, from the date of collection. This warranty does not cover further damage caused by the user.
    • THE CELL, at its discretion, reserves the right to refuse to accept any handset for repairs/unlocking.
    • Please test your repaired handset before leaving the store premises as THE CELL will not accept responsibility for further claims.
    • THE CELL reserves the right to dispose of any device not collected within thirty (30) days after the due date for pickup.



• Customer does not have Proof of Purchase (receipt) and warranty card or Proof of Purchase has incomplete or altered information.
• Damage caused by inadequate and/or incorrect use (based on the service manual) or with the exterior damage (dents, cosmetic damage, scratches, water damage, and food inside the unit).
• Customer does not return the box with all accessories.
• Expired warranty term.
• Removed or altered serial number.
• Damage caused by loss or accidents such as fires, power/voltage fluctuations, vandalism, liquid/moisture, sand, insects, or other foreign substances
• Damage caused by transportation.
• Device tampered by third party entities which include but not limited to; installation, repair, or reinstallation.
• The following are not covered by warranty: batteries, pins, accessories and plastic/cosmetic parts.
• Warranty is void on discounted non-promotional devices.