Why should your unlock your phone?

When you buy a new phone, chances are it'll be locked to the network you bought it on. If you attempt to put another network's sim card in the device it will not function. Unlocking your mobile phone enables it to be used with any compatible sim card on any network.

The benefits of this flexibility are:

A cheaper plan. If you like your phone but want to switch carriers, unlocking it allows you to keep the phone but switch to another network. Not needing a new phone should enable you to get a better tariff/plan from your service provider.

Added value. Unlocked phones sell for a higher price due to their wider appeal to users on all networks.

Freedom to roam. Unlocking allows you to insert sim cards from international carriers. This will enable you to roam at more affordable rates and also use the phone while traveling on international networks.

Unlocking is quick and easy to do at The Cell. Bring your phone to one of our repair centers today!