The Cell Phone Repair Process

At The Cell we have a specific repair process to ensure that your phone will be repaired correctly. We repair any brand of phone from any carrier.

Our technical consultant will review with you the complications you are having with your device & recommend a solution.

Our repair process is as follows:

  • You will choose from our standard 48 hour repair process time or express service (1, 3, or 24 hours)
  • You will be given an estimated quote upfront at the time of booking and given a physical copy for your records
  • A pick-up date is then given and the cell phone is wrapped and added to the repair line
  • The unit is then tested by a technician to establish and confirm the fault
  • The technician will perform rigorous testing to confirm the phone is repaired adequately
  • You are then informed that the cell phone is ready for collection via a phone call
  • The phone will be held in store in a secure location ready for pick up
  • Phones that are not collected within 7 days of the scheduled pickup date will be charged a $5 holding fee each day held after